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Odyssey Trading Company is a full-service trade, concierge, and security provider, capable of servicing various client needs.  We work with numerous commercial and private providers, freight forwarders, and governments to provide a streamlined and reliable network for our clients.


While headquartered in the United States, we operate internationally with forward locations in Europe and Latin America. We understand that global business can make it difficult to sync with those who matter most. We make every effort to mitigate communication challenges with our clients.


Patrix haddad

founder & cEO

Patrix founded Odyssey Trading Company in 2020 to meet the demand of clients needing personalized and reliable logistical services during uncertain times.

His career has focused on business process engineering and optimization with a highlight on operations management and project management. Patrix built Odyssey Trading Company to provide tailored services to meet client requirements while respecting their privacy. His core beliefs of trustworthiness and responsibility are the bedrock of our corporate vision.

Before founding Odyssey Trading Company, Patrix dedicated 20 years serving in various leadership positions around the world from Projects Officer to Operations Manager. He has a BA from American Public University.





eduardo boghossian

founder & SeNIOR VP of Global trade services

Eduardo co-founded Odyssey Trading Company out of a desire to continue providing top-tier services to our international clients

As COO of Odyssey Trading Company, Eduardo has secured continuing relationships with suppliers, freight forwarders, and international officials to ensure timely delivery of goods from global markets, consistently improving systems while managing daily global operations.

In his previous position of founder and President of Ararat Export Corp, Eduardo established a reliable supply chain for his clients in South America and developed a proficiency in the intricate systems and processes involved in international operations




Tom Belcher

tOM belcher

SENIOR VP of Global Security services

Tom joined Odyssey Trading Company as part of our constant commitment to safeguarding our clients’ property, our personnel, and our operations. 

As the CSO, Tom assesses risk and vulnerabilities to provide proactive measures to physical and digital threats. Additionally, he serves as Senior VP of Global Security Services which provides our clients with custom and specialized security solutions from security to planning and training.

He honed his security skills operating for a decade in the Special Operations community, focusing on low visibility, high-threat operations around the world including the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Tom holds a BS in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle.





mandy stephanic


Mandy joined Odyssey Trading Company after proving her commitment to our clients as a consultant. Her education and experience towards her CPA assure our fiscal accountability and operational capability.

As the Odyssey Trading Company Controller, Mandy oversees our accounting and internal controls while also managing our tax CPAs. She monitors the Days Payable Outstanding and ensures the timely completion of all financial statement audits, reviews, tax filings. 

Prior to joining Odyssey Trading Company, Mandy served as a State & Local Tax Associate with RSM US LLC and as a Compliance Analyst with DMA, Inc. Mandy has a BS in Accounting from Western Governors University.




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