Odyssey Trading Company: Our Beliefs

International Reach with a Personal Touch

At Odyssey Trading Company, we put the relationships with our clients first. The enduring partnership formed with some of our first clients paved the way for our growth from local to regional to international. So, while we have grown our operations, our beliefs of respect and trust have never changed.

We understand each of our clients has made a choice to trust us to help their business succeed, and we repay that trust with hard work and results.

See what our clients say about our relationships and know we’ll do the same for you!


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Though our services are divided into Global Trade Services, Global Concierge Services, Global Security Services, and Government Contracts, we treat all our clients as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. We’ll help you develop a customized plan to your unique position.

Expertise and Confidence

Because of our expertise in a wide variety of industries, we’ve been able to develop and implement the best systems and processes for helping your business thrive. If you’ve dreamed of taking your business to the next level, we’re here to help make it happen.

Our confidence stems from consistent successes, coupled with the ability to still learn and improve our processes to ensure we meet the needs of our clients.

Although you can tell a lot about a business or service by looking at its website, the best way to see what they can do is by looking through their customer’s eyes and seeing what they’ve accomplished.

  • Reliable Materials
  • Consistent Deliveries
  • Affordable Services
  • Ability to Grow


supply chain management

 Global Trade Services

We handle everything from Product Acquisitions, Supply Chain Management, to Logistics. Let our network work for you

Global Concierge Services

We respect our clients’ need for privacy and discretion when it comes to individual requirements and dynamic timelines

Global Security Services

We seek to provide premiere security services. Whether it be physical security, personal protection, of security training

government contracts

Government Contract Services

We support governance in maintaining infrastructure and public services by delivering cost-effective and timely goods.

About Odyssey Trading Company


Odyssey Trading Company was founded in 2020 to provide personable services to our clients, we pride ourselves on customer services and privacy.

We believe in the importance of mutual respect and privacy in business relationships. We also believe reliability and relationships are what truly help a company to thrive.

Because of this value, we’re always happy to go above and beyond for your company, reaching out to our extensive network of contacts to deliver the perfect solution so our clients can realize each of their goals.

We don’t want you to change. We’ll help you get there without sacrificing your values.